bad stories about cabbages and things

Alice, bi, she/her, 22. I like history but the time periods are extremely varied. I don't know what this is.

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Brookfield Zoo
Sometime in 2012

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Hey I need some more peeps to follow on here so repour if you are currently active! 

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Daily reminder that thinking you're funny or pretty or whatever is not narcissistic or "being full of yourself" it's ok to love yourself

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hemlo its me, thoust Prnce....ime cominge out of minest Logge to delievber this importatnte message: trans righhts

ugh everything is irritating me today and when I try to do things that should make me feel better they just make me feel sad about what my life could be but isn't and it's like...I don't even know what to do tbh

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when you love the taste of gingerbread but you didn't make any spooky cookies during October, so you're doing it now

(I decorated only half so my sister can do the rest)

hello I was Shakespeare's Richard II for Halloween because yes I am that pretentious apparently and I like how it turned out???

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Happy Halloween, y'all!


would y'all want halloween pictures???

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Happy Halloween 2019!

I wish you all Happy Halloween!

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here's the finished samwise commission!

commission info here - all money is going to rainforest protection groups

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i actually have a pretty straightforward relationship with identifying as a woman i just deeply hate the idea of expectations or prescribed traits or appearance around gender and don't buy it in its current widely perceived structure so you know what? if anyone asks my gender is wildflower

you ever listen to a really good album and then you're like "I'm gonna listen to this like five more times today"

yesterday was my last day of work at the kind of annoying job! we had a little party and now I have about a week and a half to relax before I start working at the bookstore

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nice thing about getting older is being able to say "haven't done this in decades". this just sounds so dope. i know people somehow associate feeling old with feeling bad, why is that? ok i know why, but listen, doesn't being acient sound cool? like a wise mountain? who can say stuff like "decades" and "I still remember x" even if you barely remember it... getting older is not "just a count down to your death" , it's a count of how much you existed and witnessed!

we forget how dope existing is sometimes. we are like "no, you are not supposed to just exist, you are supposed to achieve things!" but look. mountains exist and they are dope. sometimes it's nice to feel like a mountain. 

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You are not running out of time. You are not wasting your existence. You will not miss out on the happiest days of your life - I promise. There is so, so much good ahead; and right now, you're exactly where you need to be.

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There is nothing you can do which disqualifies you from being worthy of love and recovery. Your actions matter, but they cannot fundamentally remove your inherent worth as a person. You are not too broken to be repaired.

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"you know I'm such a fool for you"

I need to just make a list of things to do instead of scrolling thru random tumblr discourse blogs because they really do just make me feel like shit

I interviewed at this amazing bookstore yesterday and then got offered a job today, not even 24 hours later! I'm so excited